November 25, 2017
11:45 pm
Ayazağa Istanbul

Cihan Aksoy was born on August 22, 1979, in Louviers, France, but spent most of his life in İstanbul,Turkey.
There weren’t as many DJ role models when Cihan was growing up as there are now, but that didn’t stop Cihan from achieving his musical goals.
He was especially interested in Dısco and Funk LPs, and always asked his friends and family for music. Luckily, his parents and friends encouraged him and that encouragement drove him to excel.
By the time he finished high school he was one of the well-known DJs of İstanbul and has since been playing in clubs all around Turkey and the world.
He is currently studying mixing, mastering and audio engineering at the SAE Institute and encourages young people to study music and learn the art of mixing.
His life also sets an example and encourages us to follow our dreams, no matter how big they are!

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