Einmusik LIVE (New Album Tour)

February 2, 2018
hypnos hall
Einmusik LIVE (New Album Tour)

EINMUSIK is back in town LIVE for his new Album ‘Serenade’!

House, techno, trance and breakbeats – everything flows into each other and ends up in a peerles symbiosis. Who wants to understand the music of Einmusik needs to go deeper. His live- performance is unique and everything but hand-tame.
Whether on a festival like Fusion or in a small club – in the end everybody is closing the eyes, forgets about the here and now and plunge into the cosmos of Einmusik, which seems to be endless…

Beside we invited BELLVILLE, Dj & Owner of Incroyable Label from Cologne, Germany. His Music takes him around the world, playing not only the Incroyable Music Showcases, but Ibiza’s Ushuaia Tower, Berlin, Dubai, Afrikaburn beloved Burning Man and many more. Be prepared to witness inspiring levels of energy and a wide variety of house, melodic techno and deep tunes.

Bellville (Incroyable Music, DE)
Unus Emre (Booth Trax)
Ali Efe Dinc (Hypnos Hall)

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